Skilled Traders Funding consists of a team of professional traders with in-depth knowledge and experience in trading currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. Our business is to evaluate, discover and fund skilled traders who can trade profitably and observe good risk management.

In 2018, our trading team established a forex trading academy and mentorship program known as Skilled Traders Group(STG), that has mentored hundreds of traders who are actively trading profitably.

Our team have come up with the notion that a newbie trader will do well when provided with the right trading tool and informed on good trading habits. For this reason, SFT provides a free price alert on all trading plans.

The price alert will help traders to stay in touch with the market, by identifying key levels in the market and notifying you promptly when a specific buy or sell price is reached. This tool is important as it helps traders achieve their trading goals and objectives and STF is concerned about the growth level of our traders and aim to enhance their skills, confidence, and profitability.

To empower traders by providing funding opportunities.

To create a global trading platform and build a community of skilled traders for profitability

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  • Learning
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