Our Evaluation program is for those who have been able to build a healthy trading behavior and strategy through their trading experience and are able to maintain good money management skills in order to earn commissions for themselves. We provide beginner’s trading program of up to $25,000 trading capacity and with our 5% profit target, we ensure that traders are able to eliminate the psychological greed, fear and the rush in moving over to the earning phase which commences from the verification account. We also ensure that traders are able to keep up with the market movement by providing a free price notification app and custom indicator. This would help in creating a well-planned entry and exit, thereby maximizing profit for those traders who effectively make use of it.

Earning from your trading account is quite easy and straightforward. You earn your first commission once you have completed the verification phase just right before trading your live account with us. You will receive up to 50% commission based on the reached profit target in the verification account and you also get up to 80% total profit from your phase 3 account within 10 to 30 trading days.

The One-off fee enables us to cover the cost of administration, staff and proper maintenance of entire platform. This in return will enable us to accept a maximum number of traders and also increase our funding capacity. We also don’t have any monthly subscription and that is why it is a one-off fee.

In order to view and approve the agreement/TOU, you must log into your Trader Area account. Choose program type, account size and strategy type and you will see link to the TOU on bottom “accept TOU”. You will receive your copy of TOU by email and all agreements are also available in digital format on dashboard.

Once payment have been made, you will receive an email with login information within a few hours of purchase. In most instance, you will receive your login information almost immediately since processing is automated.

You can receive commissions and profit split through any of these methods: (a) Credit/Debit Card (b) Wire Transfer (c) Bitcoin

Valid photo ID (such as a national ID, passport or driver’s license) and Proof of address not dated more than six months. Document could include utility bill or bank statement. Document should be submitted at least, before commencing the verification phase.

Trader may not use EA’s, scripts or robot unless Trading Challenge Risk Team has granted such exception. Nor may traders engage in copy trades or following other trader’s entry and exit signals. Traders can coordinate or copy their trades if several trades with the same instruments in the same direction are made within one minute of each other. All trades must be based on the traders own analysis and decisions.

Yes, you can. You will have to provide us with additional documentation for the company which include the following: (a) Certificate of incorporation; (b) ID and proof of address for company’s shareholders.

Yes, our friendly customer support team will always guide you through the process when needed and answer any questions you may have.

Yes, you can, all you need to do is contact our customer support agent with the same registered email and we will send your account credentials via email.

Trader must be up to 18 years of age in order to get funded by Skilled traders funding.

Yes, we accept client from USA and Canada.

Firstly, get to a profit target of only 5%, while making sure that the maximum daily loss and total loss is not violated. Also ensure that you trade a minimum of 10 days for normal strategy and 5 days for aggressive strategy. Lastly, ensure that all positions are closed once you have reached the profit target and minimum amount of trading days.

After the completion of the challenge phase, you will receive your new account credentials on your registered email. In order to verify the challenge phase, you will need to reach the same 5% profit target within a maximum trading period of 60 days instead of 30 days. Please ensure to digitally upload the required KYC in the trader area and sign the agreement.

We don’t have a free trial trading program mode for now, it is something we hope to bring to our traders in a near future to help them practice more.

Currently, we allow just one account per member.

Maximum loss is the difference between your highest recorded balance and your current equity. It is also known as account stop loss.

You are free to trade any how you like, we only advise proper trading habit and good risk management culture. Read more on our blog to get more insight on Forex Trading Tips. Or simply visit

You can trade FX, CFDs, Metals, Commodities and Stock CFDs with spreads and commissions designed for proprietary trading.

Yes, you can trade during news event.

It is not compulsory for you to make use of a stop loss, but it is recommended to observe good risk management trading by making use of stop loss and take profit.

Yes, you can keep you trades open over the weekend and holidays.

Clients are not allowed to change or reset MT4 account passwords themselves as this will cause error in account monitoring. Please contact our customer support team if you want to change the password.

Yes, public holidays are factored in your trading period, meaning those days when markets are closed are not added on top of your trading period.

The maximum account size you can get at STF is $25,000. This is to encourage all traders who are in need of funding to grow into becoming profitable and self-reliant in their decision making process. We also have a low profit target of 5% for the normal trading strategy.

Raw spread starting from 0 pips and 0 commission. This means that you get the absolute best trading conditions on the market

So long as no trading rule is violated, you can try to reach a profit target during the next trading period. There is no profit target in the phase 3 to enable you keep an account.

The amount due to you once you conclude the verification phase is 40% for the normal strategy and 50% for the aggressive strategy of whatever profit make after reaching the maximum profit target of the trading program. This is paid to you after the completion of the verification phase before you commence your professional trading account.

Profit split payout will be processed within 1-3 business days upon approved phase 2 or phase 3 trading period.

Once conditions of account phase have been met, trader must provide profit split payout details before entering phase 3. Profit split withdrawal can be made through any of the following options: (a) Wire Transfer - Account must be under trader’s own name. (b) PayPal (c) Bitcoin transfer.

You can submit your KYC documents for review any time you have registered on the Trader Area. We require you to submit your KYC documents latest before you can start the verification period phase 2. The KYC documents are: (a) Valid Photo ID, such as a National ID, passport or driver’s license; (b) Proof of Address that has your name and current address stated and is dated within the last six months, such as a bank statement or utility bill. All your document must be valid and approved before you can make a profit commission withdrawal request.

Our price Alarm keeps you ahead of the market and helps you buy or sell at your preferred price. The custom indicator supports a variety of indicators for both beginners and advanced traders. Indicators supported are Adxw, Ichimoku, ma, macd, atr, stochastic, parabolic, SAR, BB, amongst others.

We are constantly looking for ways to assist traders achieve their dream of becoming profitable in the forex industry. And one of those ways is by supporting them with a free notification subscription so they can always be ahead of the market. Once you purchase any of our funding trading account, you are entitled to a free 1-month subscription. And you also have access to customizing your own indicator for better outcome. Click on “claim free price alarm subscription” and fill in your details. Your subscription will be done within 24 hours.

Yes, you can. Just click on purchase price alarm and it takes you to a new page where you can choose your subscription plan

Yes, you have a first 7 days’ free trial

Yes, you can join the telegram discussion group to learn more about how to use the price alarm and custom indicator app. Click to join: